Personalized Learning at KIPP LA

At KIPP LA, we define personalized learning as the thoughtful integration of technology into instruction, allowing teachers to deliver more personalized attention to each student. Students can utilize a variety of online tools, like Google Applications for Education, to explore new topics and expand their horizons, further developing their love of learning. For an in-depth look at one of our schools that utilizes a rotational personalized learning model, check out the video and additional resources on KIPP Empower Academy, the first school in the national KIPP network to implement a school-wide personalized learning model.

KIPP Empower Academy

KIPP Empower Academy’s model features high-quality small-group instruction combined with targeted use of instructional technology. Through personalized learning and adaptive educational software, students can learn at their own pace and achieve at the highest levels. 

The video below provides an overview of KIPP Empower Academy's instructional model:

KIPP LA Schools has compiled a set of resources about the implementation and operation of KEA's innovative approach to share with interested parties. 

  • Detailed Video: A ten minute video that goes into fine detail on the development, implementation, and impact of the model.
  • KEA Case Study: A comprehensive informational document for educators interested in implementing a blended learning model at their school or in their classroom. (KIPP LA thanks the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation for their generous support in generating this case study.)
  • Dell Foundation Blended Learning Study: SRI International conducted an analysis of student data from DreamBox (an adaptive math software program) from KIPP Empower Academy and four other blended learning schools to assess the impact of blended learning on student achievement on the NWEA MAP test.
  • FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions about blended learning and KIPP Empower Academy.