Kasiopia Moore-Watts

Interim School Leader, KIPP Sol Academy

Kasiopia is a dedicated educator and advocate for students who has served in many roles within KIPP SoCal. Last year, she served as Assistant School Leader and School Leader Fellow at KIPP Academy of Opportunity, she created a culture of love, joy, and academic growth within her school community, her leadership led to a positive change in the health of the school from teacher retention at 100% and huge growth in chronic absenteeism and student culture. Kasiopia holds advanced degrees in Education from Loyola Marymount University.

Kasiopia enthusiastically loves being with students, finds joy in developing teachers to find the light in every student. With over 13 years of experience in education, Kasiopia has had the opportunity to serve in diverse communities and watch many of her students live the lives that they dared to dream. She is enthusiastic about students learning, creating strong team values, developing curriculum, cultural competency, and instructional coaching. Kasiopia is also a master connecter and welcomes partnerships with outside organizations. She currently serves as program director for Tina's Angels a mentoring program founded by Tina Knowles Lawson.