Nisha Vasavada

Co-School Leader, KIPP Pueblo Unido

KIPP Pueblo Unido is founded and co-led by Nisha Vasavada. Nisha is a daughter of Indian immigrants who deeply valued education and worked hard to ensure she had access to excellent educational opportunities growing up. She graduated from Stanford University double majoring in Economics and Political Science. Upon graduating from Stanford she went into financial consulting, which made her realize her desire to do work that had a more positive impact on others. She was drawn to education because her grandfather started a network of schools serving villages across India, and she was inspired by his career and impact. She knew it was unjust that so many students did not have access to the same educational opportunities she did just because of their zip code. These experiences, paired with her desire to make social change, led her to education. She was a teacher and leader in New York for 7 years, and then joined KIPP SoCal because of the balance of high expectations, character education, and sense of community.