KIPP LA Alumna Spotlight: Taylor N.

KIPP LA Alumna Spotlight: Taylor N.

When Taylor graduated from KIPP Academy of Opportunity (KAO) eight years ago, she had no idea that she would still be involved with KIPP so many years later.

In 2003, Taylor enrolled at KAO middle school in South Los Angeles as a founding fifth grade KIPPster. This year, she rejoined the KIPP LA Team and Family as a Development Intern Associate while finishing her college degree in marketing at Tiffin University.

Although the work was difficult, Taylor remembers that her KIPP teachers made class fun and interactive. Mr. Green, her science teacher at the time, was “really down to earth and creative. We sang songs to learn concepts like the Mitosis Chant and dissected a frog.” 

Besides the coursework, Taylor learned how to be successful in high school and college. The skills she developed helped her at Vistamar School. “I was able to focus better than my classmates did,” Taylor said. “They struggled with stuff that we did in middle school. That’s what we were taught at KIPP.”

Taylor worked with the KIPP Through College team throughout high school to prepare for the ACT, research colleges, and complete applications. Together, they found a good fit for Taylor’s interests at Tiffin University, a small school that has given her time to connect with professors one-on-one.

Taylor was also an intern with the KIPP Foundation for the KIPP School Leadership Program summer conference, spending a summer in Chicago to assist with logistics.

Taylor isn’t forgetting why she loves KIPP when she graduates from college this summer. She aims to find a job in media or entertainment at a company that she believes in--much like her career thus far with KIPP.